Photographic Poetry
Adventures - Errances

     I have worked for a long time in the field of special effects. A demanding environment that shaped my eye and my visual experience. During all these years, I lived between Paris and Montreal, two cities with a strong identity that deeply inspired my photography. To immerse myself in the atmosphere of these cities on a daily basis has shaped my imagination and has always contrasted with my native region, Annecy and its surrounding mountains, which I explore. My photographic universe has developed thanks to this dichotomy, this relationship between urban jungle and natural architecture. I am looking for a connection between the two, which expresses itself in light and space. The absence, the emptiness and its history. Or on the contrary the effervescence, the agitation and the disorder. I document an emotion, the atmosphere of a moment, and it is the visual poetry that emerges from a picture that moves me. My travels helped to define this identity with greater clarity and gave me inspiration and new influences. Light is primordial, it is at the center of everything and participates in this sensation of unexpected and supernatural. It is mysterious and magnetic, it is the atmosphere it provides that I seek to transcribe.

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