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Valentin Astier · Portrait
Photographic Poetry
Adventures - Errances

My name is Valentin Astier, I am a 32 years old photographer and videographer.


My photography is linked to travel, whatever its form. Travelling awakens my curiosity. My photos are instinctive, I do not anticipate and let myself be impregnated by the atmosphere of each place. It is then by the color grading and the editing that I reveal the atmosphere that I felt there. I am sensitive to the contemplative poetry that my stories exude.


I am fascinated by the influence of time, of absence, which echo the concept of liminal space. This can be seen as a threshold of perception, a border between two states, what was and what will be. They are spaces of transition and expectation, physical or psychological.


These objects and places, which seem to be already frozen by their nature, offer themselves a resonance box thanks to photography. The imprint that humans, time or both have left on them charges them with history and mystery about their future.


Around these themes of time and absence, I am also interested in the notion of imprint, texture and substance. At what point does photography describe reality, or transpose it to lead us to an interpretation? I like this paradox and I explore this blurred border, which painting visits so beautifully.


Do you have a question? Want a print or to know more about my artistic universe?


Contact me via the form or directly here ⬇️

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Photographer -Videographer

You want to collaborate with me ?


Photographer and videographer, I realize for you :


  • Portraits : employees, craftsmen, artists...

  • Reports : tourism, sport, travel...

  • Events : seminars, inaugurations, fairs, team building, etc.

  • Culture : concerts, clips, dance, theater, circus...

  • Packshot: product(s) alone or staged

  • Individuals: weddings, family, lifestyle...

  • Highlighting of know-how: craftsmen, raw materials, manufacturing

  • Social networks: creation of original content

  • Training: photo initiation, video initiation, Lightroom, Photoshop


I organize upstream the days of shooting and make sure to realize them efficiently. In the field, I am interested in the atmosphere of the scene or the subject and my work is based on an authentic and natural approach.


Through a meticulous calibration in post-production, I reveal the atmosphere felt on location. We exchange throughout the creative process and I remain at your disposal.


From reportage to packshot, my work adapts to your needs and my expertise accompanies you at every step.


My photography is at your service to offer you singular images and to concretize your vision. I also help you create a visual story and a communication that will touch your audience.


Based in Annecy, I follow you everywhere in France and abroad.


You have a project? Let's talk about it together!


I look forward to working with you 🤝

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